Amy Tan, “Mother Tongue”

February 11, 2008

In this story it talks about the difference between languages. A young woman’s mother happens to be from an Asian descent and spoke in  “Broken English”. Or is this a higher way of talking to someone? It’s not as thought her way of speaking is lazy, but maybe speaks in fables. Meaning she is almost telling a story every time she speaks. I feel as though there is nothing wrong with the way she speaks but maybe it is the way we speak as Americans. Should we consider ourselves to actually be less intelligent? If we were to take out words such as: and, the, it, is, etc. Would our languages be as one?  If were to find some common ground of which everyone could understand, maybe then we could begin to understand different types of culture. Then maybe different opinions and views would be better understood.

One comment

  1. So true, Justin…you make some really valuable points here. I noticed like you did how the mother used metaphors as a form of short hand to get her more complex ideas cross.

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