Mid Term writting

February 27, 2008

1. What is your topic or the problem you hope to address?

2. What do you think will work as a solution?

3. What personal experiences can you use to develop your essay and support your claims?

4. Which texts might help you develop your essay and provide evidence for your claims?

5. Who is your audience? (Who do you want to convince to take what action about which problem?)

1. Over development and gear it towards college students and people my age.

2. There is no true solution because we must expand but we should do it gradually over time.

3. Traffic in Los Angles it a very good example of over development in todays society. Personal Experience: sitting in traffic getting mad while driving through LA.

4. Make sure to enclude a biblography at the end. But while finding recorces make sure I quote them and they support my opinions.

5. I want to conving people of my generation to get aware because we are the future and the sooner we know the sooner we could find a solution together as a whole.

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