Mid Term Essay

March 3, 2008




            The popular use of a borderline expletive effects not just myself but many people

in there everyday lives. In the story “kinda Cussin’” by Marlon Manuel, he compares the

difference between words like freakin, the awful F-word and other words as such of that

nature. Are people in today’s society using slang words in place of words with a higher

meaning more often? People today are becoming more and more at ease in the way we

say things everyday.

            For example, in the year 1953, when writers wrote for the show “I love Lucy”,

they were not allowed to say the word “pregnancy” they had to say she was “expecting”,

as said in “Kinda Cussin’”. Now today this would not even be a problem. Yes some

shows might use “expecting”, but there is no problem with using the word “pregnancy”.

The way you speak also has to do with what kind of environment you happen to be

mostly surrounded by in you everyday life. I work in the construction field. When I go to

work in the morning it is not uncommon for me to hear the F-word at all and through out

the day. People use this word everyday as though it is not a problem. In there minds they

are thinking that we are working with adults, and who cares what other adults say. It is

not as though they are speaking to child, but an adult. An adult can make better decisions

between right and wrong not like a child. A child will say a swear word if he or she hears

it from some kind of adult, because if an adult said it, it must be right for them to say it


            It’s not just the children of today’s society that use theses words all the time. Even

adults will use theses words when speaking to other adults. They will use them in

meanings that will be ok and acceptable to whomever they are speaking too. This is just

the way the English language is being accepted today. Now if I was to go to work and

start saying words like freakin, shoot, darn etc. I would be laughed at and called names

all day. This is something that just is what is and it will continue to become greater

everyday. But someone like my Mother who is a realtor will use words such as shoot, and

darn because this is a nice way of showing her frustration while being in the public eye.

            In conclusion, speaking in words that are slang for swear words should not be

acceptable. Just because we are not saying what we really mean to say does not mean that

we should go about it in another way. You should always be thinking before you speak

and always ask yourself, are you ready to deal with the actions that are about to come

from what you are about to say.

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