Spring Break 08

March 24, 2008

During my spring break I went to Arizona to see Flogging Molly for St. Paddy’s day. I had a total blast. I finally figured out a way to travel cheep or on other peoples dollar. There is this great website called Couchsurfing.com. This website allowed me to talk to other people my age that are where I want to be, physically that is. So I met these people who lived in Az, they allowed me and my roommate to stay at there house for a few days and show us around Tempe AZ. They were all very nice people and showed the both of us a very good-time.

We went to see to ASU campus, which is really amazing. It is so big and really has a lot of very new and modern architecture. We climbed “A” mountain and walked the downtown area then went on to see our concert. It only cost me $300 for my roommate and I to have an awesome time. Everywhere we went it was almost like everyone wanted to show us a good-time at there expense, it was amazing. I learned a lot about economic differences and what it is really like to keep your own money in with your local community, while have a fun and exciting time. 


  1. that’s good that you could still go on a trip, have a good time not to worry too much with expenses.The last time I went on a trip it cost me so much which somehow didn’t get to enjoy much because i went over board with the expenses. Air ticket alone ..ugh!!! I will check that website later to see since summer is coming….

  2. i am so glad you had such an awesome time. i promise to go with on your next couch surfing excursion 🙂

  3. what a cool way to go! you might write more about this for the class publication with info on how to do it!

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Lithuania.

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