May 5, 2008

America may not be on the top ten most polluted countries in the world, but just out of ten most polluted cities in the United States California alone has the top five, as stated by the American Lung Association May 4, 2008. That is not to say that America is a better country and is doing a better job in trying to preserve our land, or that America does not consume more than any other country. According to the Department of Energy, the United States is currently using 20 million barrels of oil a day. That is more than 3 times of the amount that China uses, coming in second among the largest consumers of oil in the world. European nations are somewhat guilty as well, but they use smaller cars, recycle more and use more alternative fuel sources. They have also signed the Kyoto Protocol, which America has yet to agree upon and sign. As Americans we need to question our selves in the everyday choices we make; is this better for my world? By driving my SUV all by myself and not giving a ride to other people, am I helping my planet? Do I need to drive today? Why not ride a bus or walk? These are all very easy questions and can fit your lifestyle in anyway. Not always do you need to walk, or ride a bike but sometimes take theses things into consederation and see if they work in your day to day life. Not only will you help out the environment but you can stay that much healthier as well.

           By driving a newer more fuel eficiant vehicle you can save money and help the environment rather than getting a used vehicle from your neighbor. The average economic car starts around $15,000. Yes you might be able to get that car from your neighbor for a lesser amount, but by the time you put the money into fixing it up and getting back on the road you have now spent almost just as much as buying a newer car. Except now you have a used vehical with an older emissions rateing and is more prone to giving you even more problems further on down the road. When you take a look at these hybrid cars that are coming out now you will find that the emissions are lower and they run on gas and electric

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